Elegant Design

Modern luxurious design with special attention given to the needs of the stylist and client. Expansive suites, natural light, and thoughtful design will ensure you are comfortable in your new business.

Shampoo Bowls

All Cosmotology suites are equipped with backwash shampoo bowls. Your clients can relax and you can avoid undue stress on your back and shoulders.

Styling Chair

Each suite is equipped with a styling chair, full custom styling station with ample storage, backwash shampoo bowl, comfort mat, dryer & dryer chair. All you need are your tools and talent.

Tool Bin

Tool Bin for storing your dryers, clippers, irons, or any other tools you need for your business. Outlets are provided inside the cabinet keeping your station free of unsightly cords.

Peace of Mind

Each suite is private and secure. All major utilities are included, and all common areas are maintained by A Suite Salon. You can now focus on your clients and build your own business. Welcome to the future of the salon.

Vanity Sink

All suites include a vanity sink and pull out bin for soiled linens.

Cabinet Space

Custom styling station with ample cabinetry for storage of all your supplies

Internet Included

All suites have access to free WiFi for both your use and your clients use. Use for your online booking, Email clients, post photos on your own website or social media in real time.

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